Over 100 new emojis are about to hit your smartphone this summer. Thanks to the folks at the Unicode Consortium, 150 new emojis will be available, and attention redheads: you’re finally having your moment. 

Redheads will now be an emoji option, in addition to new vegetables, a hot and cold face for extreme temperatures, a partying face (how was that not already an option?), and, my personal favorite, a kangaroo. The best emojis, in my humble opinion, are the most random ones, so the release of a DNA double helix, a toolbox, a microbe, a magnet, and a lotion bottle will provide ample opportunities for random interactions. (Example: “Come over *lotion bottle emoji*)
Something I didn’t know until recently is that there’s an actual consortium of real people who determine the emojis available to the world. Members from the tech community, from names like Facebook, Netflix, Apple, and Google, come together to review suggested emojis and vote on which ones to accept or remove. They’re even developing a global language (the…emoji language?) Is this beautiful or low-key a science fiction nightmare? TBD on that.
In the meantime, if you want to submit an emoji for review, just visit their site here.
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