2018 Is the Year of ‘Bath-leisure’ — and These Are the Essentials

Yesterday was National Bubble Bath Day, and we’re ready to suds tf up over here. Back in November, The Cut dubbed “bath-leisure” the trend for 2018. After Rihanna posed for Vogue Paris with her hair wrapped in a towel and South Korean singer CL wore a Vaquera bathrobe to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund awards earlier this November, it’s looking like the exclusive bathroom look is in full effect.

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So, what does a gal need to live that decadent bathing lifestyle? The champagne essentials, of course. Starting with…

A robe that says “Hello, my darlings”

Accompanied by a pair of heels, preferably fuzzy ones. CL made the Vaquera bathrobe look like a fucking ball gown, which should be the goal with your robe. Bathleisure is a look that says “Being glam is really this easy,” and your robe should be to that. From the bathtub to the club, let your robe do the talking.


Bravo Bathrobe



Bise Bleu Celeste Bathrobe



Baroque & Robe Bathrobe


A hygge candle

This candle should smell like warmth and money, something sort of feminine and rich — think notes of vanilla, amber and tobacco. The scent should pair well with the steam of your bathroom mirror.


Ambre Scented Candle, 300g - Saffron



Rose Water Scented Candle, 240g



Tobacco Candle


Chandelier earrings

Rita Ora, CL, and Rihanna all had one crucial, dazzling accessory (or accessories) paired with their robes — a key ingredient in being a woman of leisure. We suggest chandelier earrings — the sparklier, the better.


Crystal Chandelier Earrings



Chandelier Earrings



Chandelier Drop Earrings


Delicious soaps

Author Henry Beard once said, “You can often wash your troubles away with the right kind of bath. Throw everything you have into the tub: bubble gels, bubble oils, bubble powders, bubble gum.” You heard the man — bubbles it is! And the more, the better. Your final form as a bathleisure goddess hasn’t been complete until your skin is silky smooth and your fingers are pruney.

If you have the extra cash, going to a bathhouse is the most luxurious way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends. In New York, Aire Ancient Baths or, for a truly old-school experience, the 125-year-old Russian & Turkish Baths on the Lower East Side. Another Magazine wrote a very useful piece on the “unwritten rules” of communal bathing.


Donna Body Cream



Happy Body Wash



Divine Body Oil


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