Do you want to watch 2 Chainz try a $1,000 steak or speculate if a $450 million da Vinci painting is simply a “copy of a copy”? Yes, you absolutely do.

There aren’t many celebrities I’d tune in to watch bite into a steak or walk around Christie’s. Aside from Britney Spears, Mary-Kate and Ashley, or maybe Drake, 2 Chainz is one of the few captivatingly charismatic celebs I would absolutely watch. Viceland seemed to intuit this, and now we have their new show Most Expensivest hosted by the rapper who wants to be buried in the Gucci store. 

The show is exactly what the title sounds like — 2 Chainz travels around trying insanely expensive things, from the aforementioned $1,000 steak to a $4,000 German toothbrush to a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting valued at $25 million. 2 Chainz approaches these items in a very accessible, very hilarious way, though he’s a man who knows luxury, unafraid to drop $65,000 in a single trip to the jewelry store.

Most Expensivest is an updated version of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (and probably a way more fun version). Even though 2 Chainz might now be the face of $1,000 steak decadence, the rapper does a lot of good. He opened an HIV testing clinic in his hometown of Atlanta and has sold “ugly Christmas sweaters” to benefit his T.R.U. Foundation.

Should you want to take 30 minutes to tune out from the world’s problems, watch 2 Chainz smoke a $2,000 cigar for a very ASMR-like effect.


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