Gucci University is now enrolling…

To borrow from obnoxious start-up jargon, Gucci has lately been disrupting what it means to be a classic luxury label. Alessandro Michele has been making Gucci so very, distinctly Gucci, that irony (and maximalist-loving) millennials are embracing the brand. Celebrities like Young Thug, Jared Leto and Beyoncé are repping the decadent baroque-ness of the label, and sales are exploding. It makes sense, then, that Gucci wants to stay on top via a new method of trendspotting: creating an eponymous research lab at one of Italy’s top universities.

Gucci Research Lab will be a three-year research project that, according to Business of Fashion, “will explore how factors like a start-up mentality, employee empowerment, and risk-taking can lead to performance and growth for companies in the luxury industry.” Gucci already had a relationship with the university through the school’s Luxury Talent and Corporate Associate programs, which places students in internship positions at the luxury house.

And it isn’t the first time Gucci’s gone academic. Earlier this year, the label announced a masters course in retail management with Polimoda, a private, elite fashion school in Florence, Italy.

“I am delighted that Gucci and Bocconi University, renowned for its applied research, are collaborating on this important initiative, which is designed to reveal important insights that large and small companies can learn from,” said Gucci President and CEO Marco Bizzarri in a statement. “More than ever before a company’s culture can be the differentiating factor in terms of competitive advantage.”

Personally, I think Gucci should take it one step further and found Gucci University. Classes could be in fashion memes, mixing prints, and the importance of having a rhymable name that rappers can use.

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