5 Moments That Prove Khloe Kardashian is Absolutely Savage

Happy birthday, Khloe Kardashian! We know Kimmy usually hogs all of the attention, but you’re 34 years old and that’s worth celebrating. Known for being the outspoken sister, you’re never afraid to say exactly what’s on your mind—even if that means you have to be a little bit more direct, and maybe a little savage, at times.

Khlo isn’t afraid to cut the negativity out of her life, as she’s proven in the past, saying “I just don’t let people fuck me over and when you cheat on me, you’re gone and you’re not gonna do it again and again and again”.

“The bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe,” Khloe said to her momager Kris while the two were out to dinner. Given the fact that Khloe wears hoop earrings, it’s clear she’s also not afraid to make fun of herself while shedding a little light on the truth.

She’s all about self confidence, #selflove, and being a badass woman. “Just knowing you’re a badass bitch is just all what life is about,” she says.

She’s not afraid to use brute force to get her way, if necessary. When Kim tried to clean out Khloe’s kloset, Khlo chased after Kimmy and put her sister in a chokehold.

When Buzzfeed asked Khloe what to do when you’re exhausted and ready to throw in the towel, her advice was to “just take a shot”.

Cheers to that! And to many more birthdays for the most candid Kardashian.

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