6 Astrology Instagram Accounts To Help You Read the Universe

You don’t need a reading to know that astrology is having a moment. From the influx of zodiac apps to celebs like Cardi B waxing eloquently about their signs, it’s clear that reading the stars is has become an important part of the cultural zeitgeist. Lucky for you, however, using astrology for guidance to your most pressing questions doesn’t have to mean consulting an astrologer. Leave it to social media to come up with an account for everything, whether you’re looking for a daily horoscope to help set intentions in your life or reviewing your birth chart to check the compatibility of a possible love interest.


Here, we’ve rounded up six of the Internet’s best astrology accounts—from hilarious memes that keep it real when it comes to reading zodiac signs to horoscope ‘grams to help you live your life more consciously.


@chaninicholas: Astrologer Chani Nicholas serves up loving astrology readings with a strong focus on social justice, often centering the experiences of queer communities of color. Her Instagram is filled with not just horoscopes and missives from the stars that often reference current events, but also calls to action.





@trashbag_astrology: If your astrological sign is the most accurate representation of your identity, Trashbag Astrology will be an endless source of amusement. Riffing on the best (and worst) traits of each of the 12 signs with tongue-in-cheek memes and razor-sharp wit, every sign can find something to learn and laugh about daily.





@the_numinous: Find spirituality and astrology abound on Ruby Warrington’s Instagram account, where a curation of different astrologers provide mantras, oracles, and horoscopes for your daily life. Whether you’re looking for food for thought or encouragement, her account is worth a follow.





@jessica_lanyadoo: Jessica Lanyadoo is an astrologer and psychic medium whose funky and free spirit can be felt in her motivational and inspiring Instagrams. Lanyadoo, an astrologer for sites like Girlboss and The Hoodwitch, also often provides actionable ways for her followers to make the world a better place. Reading the stars and helping others? Yes, please.




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Mercury goes Retrograde today through December 6th – this is a quick & dirty one! People may resurface from your past, Plans may get muddled, and miscommunications are all too likely. This ☿Rx is in Sagittarius♐︎; be careful that you don’t jump to conclusions, be judgey, or overindulge in gossip. This transit will make you more susceptible to the dreaded foot in the mouth syndrome now, so strive to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, my loves. . ↘︎ REmeber: REtrogrades mark a time to REview, REasses, REalign. Mercury is the planet that governs communicating, friendships, short trips and your neighborhood. Physically, it rules over your lungs and hands. . . ☄︎Image RP @cecile_hoodie ☄︎ #mercuryretrograde

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@costarastology: The Instagram counterpart of the NASA data-powered horoscope app, Co-Star, this account is a minimalist ode to the unique identities of each zodiac sign. With graphics entirely in black and white, Co-Star has a reading on everyone, from brilliant but volatile Geminis to the oft-emotional Cancers.



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thank u, next 😗

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