9 Self-Indulgences For V-Day

People often make a fuss over the theatrics of Valentine’s Day—just think about the dinner planning and the gift-giving—all centered on, around, and for someone else. But for all the pomp and circumstance surrounding the couple, there also should be a moment dedicated to simply yourself. Self-care and self-love should, after all, always be priority. (As the adage goes, you can’t love someone unless you love yourself first, right?) There’s no better time—thanks, consumerist holidays—to go ahead and make a splurge just for yourself, than Valentine’s Day.


It may be something as simple as an item you wouldn’t normally justify on a regular weekday. Yes, we’re talking about that overpriced, but oh-so-lavish candle, or an all-silk eye mask for beauty sleep—they tout skin and hair-boosting benefits, too! And on the topic of skincare, for all the money you spend on those finicky serums and creams, a mini fridge dedicated to keeping their potent (and pricey) active ingredients fresh may just be worth the investment.

Or, maybe it’s an extra luxe upgrade to an item you use daily. A lipstick girl? Take the plunge and treat yourself to a Tom Ford classic red. Want to amp up shower time? A Diptyque soap on a rope is a guaranteed win, while a lush reed diffuser shaped like an objet d’art elegantly scents any space.

And if you’re after a little bit of sparkle, no one said you have to wit for someone to buy it for you. It’s 2020, after all. Here’s looking at that diamond-dotted Spinelli Kilcollin ring and The Last Line’s charming heart-shaped number. As long as you put yourself first, it’ll be a lovely V-day indeed.



18-karat Gold Ring



Libra Set Of Three 18-karat Gold, Sterling Silver And Diamond Rings



Citrine Heart Ring On Rainbow Band



Roses Scented Oval



Bois Sauvage Diffuser Set



Lip Color Contempt



Beauty Sleep To Go! Travel Set – Pink



Decorative plates



Classic Small Round Rose Box



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