An Ode To DROMe: 10 Years Has Never Looked So Good

If utilitarian femininity was the name of the game at Paris Fashion Week, then DROMe delivered in full force. Perhaps because the brand was celebrating its 10th year in business, designer Marianna Rosati’s latest felt like an amalgam of greatest hits from DROMe’s tenure.

An Ode to DROMe: A Decade Has Never Looked So Good

We’re certainly grateful. With a billowing sleeve here, a mini-dress there, and a range of outerwear so extensive (and impressively tailored) it could convince one to migrate to colder climates come the summertime, there was something for everyone at the Saturday show. Similar to Chloé’s take on AW19, distinct ’70s influences ran amok on the runway — heralding the return of one of fashion’s favorite eras. The collection might have outfitted a Nancy Drew preparing for battle, before a lead took her to Studio 54. Vinyl shifts styled with knee socks and square-toed mules were followed by baby blue aviator jackets, sparkly mini-dresses, and patchwork, arm-length gloves, making for a true style smorgasbord.

An Ode to DROMe: A Decade Has Never Looked So Good 4An Ode to DROMe: A Decade Has Never Looked So Good 2

While the show might sound haphazard in description, Rosati has a remarkable talent for making conflicting approaches feel cohesive. This can be credited to her deep understanding of fabric — whereas some might intimidated heavier materials, the designer’s ability to cut lithe and timeless shapes is, frankly, awe-inspiring. You can bet her designs will soon turn the heads of Hollywood ingenue’s, and become staples in and among the street style set by September.


Here’s to another decade, DROMe. See the full show here.

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