COOLS is an online destination at the forefront of style.

Influenced by the downtown culture, COOLS covers style from A to Z: from cultural interviews and trend reports to providing the tools for people to shop efficiently and consciously.

With authenticity at its core, our content is raw and unfiltered. Covering fashion, beauty and culture, we bring stories of independent thinkers and report on what’s shaping our society now.

Offering unique styling inspiration, COOLS also provides a shopping search engine that puts millions of products from hundreds of stores at your fingertips.


Content that’s meaningful, open and relevant.

COOLS is taking off the filters, breaking character for the benefit of creating true connections. It’s no longer seeking validation from perfection and a perfectly curated life.

We encourage people to show their authentic imperfect selves, embrace their contradictions and desires with less fear of rejection. COOLS is creating an emotional connection with others in which they know they’re not in this alone. Imperfection is indeed beautiful, in a way that a perfectly crafted life or image can never be. It’s extracting the things that makes someone or something truly human.

COOLS is all about creating meaningful, open and relevant content through love and inclusiveness.

COOLS provides its audience with a supershop, a shopping search engine that aggregates products from the world’s best retailers in one place 

We partner with global retailers from Net-A-Porter to Nordstrom and major brands from Gucci to Topshop and bring all their products under one roof. Using the search and filters you will easily find the product that you’re looking for at the best price.

With 10,000+ brands and over 5 million products at your fingertips, COOLS proprietary technology allows you to shop efficiently across women’s, men’s and lifestyle categories.

With EthiCOOLS, you’ll be able to filter your results and shop as consciously as you’d like. 

Coming soon.  If you’d like more info please contact us.

COOLS reaches a million people in the US every month.

COOLS is a community of voices that represent today’s evolving generation. COOLS speaks to those who question the status quo and are naturally curious. They crave authentic experiences, people and places, and like to push the boundaries of modern society.

People for whom being cool goes beyond just looking good — it’s being responsible, caring, dedicated, and smart. Progressive people who are discerning, savvy, and think independently.

We are a community of perceptive, cosmopolitan people who share the same values.