Alien Eyes Seems To Be Instagram’s Hottest New Beauty Trend

Thanks to popular editing app FaceTune, modern beauty has become mild variations of the following formula: big hair, lips, hips, and breasts, flat stomachs, and tiny noses. But there’s a new trend in town.


It wasn’t long ago that COOLS documented the faux face-lift—the art of pulling one’s hairline enough to create a stretched-effect, thereby slimming the face. However, there was another benefit of this trend we missed: almond-alien eyes. Perhaps a product of our rapidly blending ethnicities, Instagram beauties are now going so far as to photoshop their eyes to appear bigger and increasingly slanted. The results are haunting, to say the least.


Well, Here's Instagram's Latest Trend 3

Well, Here's Instagram's Latest Trend 1

Well, Here's Instagram's Latest Trend 2

@celebface, which dedicates itself to exposing extreme FaceTuning and  cosmetic enhancement among the most famous/followed, was the first to spot the prevalence of alien eyes. “Sometimes I see girls with strange eyes on Instagram,” the account’s anonymous creator wrote. “They look like aliens. Maybe it’s natural eyes, but it seems photoshopped to me. Is it [sic] new trench?”

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It’s unlikely this trend will rest until all of our selfies ensure our eyes are so definitively divorced they reach our temples. In the meantime, however, if you feel like you’re being watched, well, it’s because you are.


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