In case you missed the riveting news: Kylie Jenner announced to her Twitter followers that she’s never eaten cereal with milk. She followed up the tweet with another tweet, stating, “I always liked cereal dry,” adding, “I never bothered to put milk”.

Her cereal of choice? Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And what kind of milk did she use? “Regular”. Apparently, that answer wasn’t up to snuff for Almond Breeze, who is planning to send Kylie a gift package, a rep from the company tells TMZ. Needless to say, her fridge will probably be stocked with enough almond milk to last a lifetime.

The news outlet also did a bit of digging on Kylie’s Instagram, and found a photo from 2013 that shows a bowl of All Bran swimming in milk, topped with berries. Bloop.

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