American Apparel is Taking a Stand Against Censorship

American Apparel is making more than one comeback this year. The brand just announced that it is bringing back its limited edition “Gay O.K.” t-shirts for Pride month, but with a twist.

The old shirts were a hit back in American Apparel’s glory days, long before gay marriage was actually legalized. Now, they’re getting a much needed updated and will read “They O.K. All Pronouns Welcome” instead.

There are two other styles available in the collection, and all of them retail for $24 each. One of the shirts reads, “Still Here. Still Queer.” and the other has a list of 7 “forbidden” words that says, “Diversity. Transgender. Evidence-Based. Science-Based. Fetus. Entitlement. Vulnerable.”

American Apparel is Back For Pride

Courtesy of American Apparel

Employees at the Center of Disease Control in America were asked to censor these words from any documents that might be used in budget discussions with President Trump and his Republican team.

Well, clearly, American Apparel is not a Republican organization.

The LA-based brand “has always believed in self-expression, inclusion, and equality – standing firm against oppression, censorship, and all forms of injustice,” reads the site’s description for the shirt.

“Our “Words Matter” tee embodies these values, with a bold celebration of the 7 words labeled by some as ‘forbidden.'”

Now that’s certainly something to be proud of.

In other Pride news, book a ticket to see Ke$ha and Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness on a cruise ship.

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