Bury Me In These Rihanna-Approved Sandals

There’s a new footwear rookie in town to take on the big boys, and she’s already proving herself a heavy-hitter. Italian-Romanian-Jordanian designer Amina Muaddi has made the hottest sandal of the summer, and it’s one that’s already caught the attention of everybody’s favorite Bajan.


Last week, Rihanna stepped out in a floor-length Jacquemus cardigan, denim cut-offs, and a pair of envy-inspiring heeled sandals that almost immediately prompted a Vogue write-up. The brains behind the shoe was Muaddi, who burst on the scene in 2018 with her Paris-designed, Italian-produced brand with one of the greatest diamanté-encrusted contributions to footwear since Carrie Bradshaw’s ill-fated engagement Manolo Blahniks.


Featuring a now-signature flared heel and thin straps, the shoe has become an instant classic among the Instagram set, and, as mentioned, the nude color way didn’t take long to end up on Rihanna herself—an impressive feat for a designer that hasn’t yet to even spend a year building up an eponymous label.


The latest addition to Muaddi’s offerings is a metallic lime green shoe decorated with rainbow-colored diamonds. If it doesn’t appear on every red carpet this summer, every Soho House across every metropolitan center, and every Hollywood Hills pool party, we’ll be very surprised. Revel in their beauty and relish in anticipation of a time actually warm enough to wear this dreamy sandal (I’m obsessed).

Amina Muaddi

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