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When you think of posh, runway-ready shoes, the first thing that will comes to mind is typically stilettos. While skinny, thin heels are enticing, they can be burdensome to deal with. Not only are they a challenge to walk in, but they’re also the demise to every girl over a size 6. But, gone are the days of aching feet and broken heels, because staying on top of the high fashion game doesn’t have to come at the painful price of thin, tall heels anymore. You can easily elevate your style with the low-maintenance alternative: black heeled ankle boots.


These wide-block heels are no stranger to the fashion scene. A practical shoe, chunky-heeled ankle boots have been on the horizon, and have been a popular choice by women since the beginning of fashion itself. Some of the earliest 16th century heeled shoes were styled as ankle boots, and it has seamlessly evolved through every era since.


One of the most prominent of the block-heeled ankle boots’ reining eras was undoubtedly the 1960s. The Go-Go boot had just hit the scene and rapidly reached heights of popularity by Nancy Sinatra when she wore them for the video of her hit single, “These Boots Were Made For Walkin.‘” While the Go-Go boots Sinatra wore were almost knee-high, this chunky-heeled trend has since shrunken to an ankle boot length. These little white ankle boots were adored by every fashion icon of that generation, and later made a surprising revival during the 1990’s grunge scene.


Now, the retro style still has a heavy influence on the chunky heeled ankle boots of today. From yesteryear’s vintage looks to more modern styles, these shoes are a necessity for women around the globe. Not only are they extremely polished, but Nancy Sinatra was right—chunky-heeled boots really were made for walking. The thick heel and strong demeanor can withstand almost any weather. They’re a fitting break from the average stiletto, yet have just a little more life in them than your average flat or mule. This style is a striking fusion between couture and comfort, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


And while there are so many styles to choose from, this fall we’re sticking to the basics and going for the black heeled ankle boot. They stay on track with the fall aesthetic, and they find a way to give any outfit a polished look. Pair them with leather jackets, skater dresses, even sweatpants if you’re feeling really adventurous. There’s no denying that black ankle boots are not just stylish footwear, but they’re a necessity for getting through the autumn season.


While the mini white Go-Go boot is a classic, the black heeled ankle boot has been refreshed into all different kinds of captivating looks. This season, we’re sticking to the classic black heeled ankle boots — because these boots weren’t made for walking, they were made for slaying.


Spice up your fall style with these intriguing plays on black ankle boots.


Tied Up



metallic contrast boots - Black

$981 $393

While we’re all for a fierce shoe, sometimes we want something a little more dainty. That’ why we love the delicate bow detail on these Proenza Schouler ankle boots. This small but mighty addition gives a usually cutthroat style a more feminine approach. This elegant detail is given a more casual look through the geometric metal hardware, making it the perfect fusion of sweet and edgy. That’s the beauty of this shoe: it’s not reserved to just one style. No matter what your styling personality is, you can easily incorporate these ankle boots into your autumn ensemble. Wear this pair with some raw hemmed jeans and your favorite chunky knit cardigan to create the ultimate everyday outfit that fits the fall aesthetic.


Stuntin’ in Studs


Block Heel Ankle Bootie, Size 5.5-6US / 36EU - Black


If you want some more pizazz in your fall style, try grabbing these minimally embellished black ankle boots from Wonders. These shoes stand out from the crowd with their studded ankle hardware. Gold studs surround the ankle to create a faux anklet look, giving these otherwise simplistic shoes a major upgrade. The angular block heel creates a contemporary vibe that stays on brand with the fall aesthetic while allowing you so troll around in comfort, making these a staple for your cold weather wardrobe. Play with this studded style by adding some gold-toned jewelry to your outfit of the day.




Clarks 'Carleta Lyon' Ankle Boot, Size 8.5 M - Black



For a more Americana approach to this iconic shoe style, grab this pair from Clarks. This rustic styling is right on point for the fall season for it’s black suede base complimented by contrasting white seams and a tan rubber sole. And not only are these shoes adorable, but they also have a breathable insole that allows you to stroll around all day long in comfort. For such a rugged look, these shoes are ultra cozy for those long fall strolls around the park. These casual shoes are the perfect pair for your transitional season style, so feel free to wear them with anything in your closet.


Long & Leather



Ankle boots

$259 $95

For those of you who aren’t into short cuts, these boots have a little bit of added length to the leg, hitting at just over the ankle. They’re the perfect hybrid: short enough to be considered an ankle boot, but long enough to not nip and scratch at your ankles. They’re simplistic enough to be paired with any of your day-to-day outfits, so feel free to glam them up in a bodycon dress or tone things down in a graphic tee and skinny jeans.


Buckle Up


Woman Leather Ankle Boots Black Size 35

$395 $197


See by Chloé has come through yet again with a stunning pair of shoes that we could never say no to. These black ankle boots are given a whole new look by the loud and proud side buckles, which add a pop of golden color. The thick block heel is a subtle two inches, so you can walk around in comfort while displaying in-season style. These shoes are fitting for any daytime occasion, even if you’re just heading into the office. They’re a great choice for anyone who appreciates posh footwear without sacrificing your physical comfort.


Knitting Season


Tina Knit Ankle Boots


Ever since the athleisure-favorite “sock boot” hit the fashion scene in 2016, they’ve been constantly popping up in our social media feeds — and we want in on the fun. So, who else would we trust other than Kendall + Kylie? Crafted by two of fashion’s biggest forerunners, these sock boots are both sexy and cozy through the black knit texture and the chunky block heel. This pair is given a nice touch through the thick knit material and hugging fit, creating a look that’s reminiscent of our most snug shin-high socks.


Mini Me


Serena Ankle Boot, Size 11 M - Grey


For those of you who prefer to stay closer to the ground, we have the perfect mini-heeled black ankle boots for you from Vionic. The heel is as low as you can get: a simple 1.5 inches that will give you a little boost without making walking a hazardous affair. But, just because these shoes are short in height doesn’t mean they’re short in style. The black suede material gives this pair a luxurious upgrade, and the fringe leather tassel attached to the zipper creates a laid back, bohemian vibe that we all adore during the brisk fall months.

To The Point


Kennedy Ankle Bootie, Size 9 M - Black


When it comes to this pair of black ankle boots, style and design are as simplistic as they come. These boots are completely black, with only noticeable trace of detail being the side seam and black zippers. These block-heeled boots feel lightweight on your feet, adding some comfort to each step you take throughout the day. They’re short, sweet, and to the point, and that’s exactly how we like our seasonal boots.

The Practical Suede


Anic Waterproof Ankle Boot, Size 8.5 M - Black


We all love a good suede boot, but one major dilemma is when water gets into the mix. Usually, our favorite suede booties end up meeting their demise when unexpected thunderstorms roll in, but these boots are the ones to end this tragic moment, once and for all. Prepare to be amazed, because these are waterproof suede boots. Let me repeat that: Waterproof. Suede. Boots. They’re a godsend, and I think we can all agree that these are a necessity for the chaotic weather changes that happen during the fall season.

Touch of Gold


Ankle boots

$390 $269

These combat-style ankle boots have a rugged edge to them, but get a feminine touch through the gold hardware. It’s the best of both worlds: edgy, grunge style with some femininity. The patent leather toe adds some shine to these boots, creating an overall mesmerizing effect that will light up any outfit within your wardrobe.

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