Anna Delvey’s Courtroom Chokers Couldn’t Save Her From A Guilty Verdict

New York art scene scammer Anna “Delvey” Sorokin’s courtroom chokers and babydoll dresses may have sparked dedicated Instagram accounts and countless think pieces, but apparently they couldn’t save her from a guilty verdict. According to The New York Times, on Friday, a jury found Sorokin guilty of second-degree grand larceny, theft of services, and one count of first-degree attempted grand larceny. She faces up to 15 years in prison.


After the fascinating story of how she swindled hotels, restaurants, and the New York art world out of thousands of dollars went viral, the internet has been gripped by the fall outincluding her every move and outfit during the trial. Despite being held at Rikers Island, Sorokin’s lawyers though the prison jumpsuit would make her look guilty, so they requested she be allowed to wear something different. When that request was granted, her lawyers reportedly sent someone to H&M with $200 to buy her new outfits.


Of course, the now infamous grifter wasn’t just going to wear just any basic picks from H&M. Instead, she hit the courtroom like it was her own personal runway in brand-new babydoll dresses, sweaters, and, most thrillingly, black chokers.


“Smart. Almost angelic. The choker says: “I’ve suffered enough!”” one person wrote on the Instagram account tracking her looks. Another chimed in with a theory that the accessory might part of a larger plan after she is released. “Maybe she’s decided to wear it all the time to start a trend. I could very easily see her serving her time and then getting actual investment for a legit business,” they said. 


If the motive behind the outfits was to help her case, her lawyers may have underestimated her actual crimes. If the looks were parter of a larger ploy to keep us all enthralled and waiting impatiently for the movie about her life, well then, you all nailed it.




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