Celebrities Want to Know: Is Ansel Elgort Okay?

In a time when online content is so curated—images expertly filtered, captions carefully considered—posting even three photos in a row might as well be social suicide. Then there’s Ansel Elgort.


The actor went on a shirtless (and captionless) selfie spree last night, showing every angle of his face in dim lighting and incurring the concern of many, many celebrity friends. “dude. what is happening right now ? lol,” Zoe Kravitz wanted to know. “You good? Lol,” inquired Kardashian BFF Jonathan Cheban. “Oh so we’re getting ALLLLLLL of angles then,” said model Alanna Arrington. Perez Hilton asked our most burning question: “Were you hacked?” And then there was Tommy Dorfman: “babe….”


But the most relatable comment that didn’t come from an account with a  blue check mark, but Brittxny22, who took it upon herself to speak for all of us.

Celebrities Want to Know: Is Ansel Elgort Okay?


Is this a commentary on how we use Instagram? That we care too much and post too little so people only see what we want them to? Did Elgort recently receive jaw implants and wanted to take them for a spin via various angles? Has some mastermind hacker found their way into the actor’s camera roll and just gone to town? Whatever the case,  because we had to go through it, now you have to too.



Stay safe out there, friends.


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