Fashion Editors Are Jumping Ship For Partnership Positions

In June, Derek Blasberg announced that he is taking on a new role at YouTube. Blasberg is adding Head of Partnerships to his resume.

His social prowess will likely be a huge help in his new role, which will include building and growing existing brand partnerships for the video platform. His role will be to work with brands and influencers to grow the video platform.

As the Business of Fashion notes, another famous former editor who’s parlayed her skills into a role outside of publishing is Eva Chen. Prior to Instagram, Chen worked as an editor in chief at Lucky, as well as ELLE, WSJ Magazine, and Teen Vogue.

Traditional editorial jobs have become more scarce in the last decade due to the decline of print media. This scarcity has forced a number of editors who have established themselves and their careers in the industry to look outside of their chosen fields for work.

One can’t help but question if partnership positions at digital media brands are the natural next step for former editors. Cosmopolitan‘s former digital editor Amy Odell certainly agrees, adding that the budgets at tech companies are much bigger than at traditional media companies.

Life after magazines is in fact a thing elsewhere, too.

Linda Wells, founder and former editor of Allure left print media and joined the team at Revlon as the chief creative officer. There, Wells handles a number of different duties, ranging from creative marketing solutions to social media and beyond.

Wells’ latest venture? A new line of lip colors under the Revlon brand called “Fleshpot”—clearly a carnal nod to her past life as a beauty editor.

Much of the draw that comes with having editors in creative or partnership focused roles is the expertise associated with their name. Chen’s influence at Instagram can certainly be seen in the way that many fashion brands utilize the platform now. It’s no longer an option for a fashion or beauty brand to not be on Instagram in 2018.

As Blasberg steps into his new role at YouTube, it will be interesting to see how people’s usage of the video platform changes over time.

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