Are These Sneaker Sandals Amazing, Or Straight Up Fugly?

Talk about a showstopper. Milan based brand DSquared2 has made waves with their polarizing sneaker sandals. Dean and Dan, brothers and designers behind the brand, showed off the buzzy footwear hybrid at their menswear show on Sunday.

The shoes have been dubbed “The Giant Heels” on DSquared2’s Instagram account. The heels were practically manufactured for social media—whoever does the social media for the brand, along with the shoe designer, probably deserves a promotion right about now, because the shoes are one of the brand’s most liked posts.

It isn’t hard to see why, either. These sneaker heels are head turning. They look otherworldly. Stare at them long enough and the line where the designers merged two sneakers becomes strangely unavoidable—like one of the sneakers is balancing in mid-air above the other one.

What the actual HELL??!! Oh Absolutely NOT! ?,” wrote one critic on Instagram.

To me, and to many other opinionated folks online, sneaker sandals are indisputably impractical (and fugly, as Vogue Runway critic at large Luke Leight, notes). They also bring back memories of the sneaker wedge trend that was so popular in the 2000’s.

But there seems to be a large number of people who wouldn’t mind bringing back the sneaker wedge. One of the many people who loved the sneaker sandals on Instagram commented on them, saying, “So love this shoe!!! It’s all about how you wear it and what you wear it with!!”

My thoughts? Oy.

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