Always Wanted To Look Like Ariana Grande? Now You Can

“Thank U Next” was the song of last season, seeing out 2018 with a whole lot of gratitude and growth. And while the track might have dominated the charts for an impressive amount of time, its reign is not over yet—it’s simply transitioning into a different industry.


According to WWD, Ariana Grande—the singer with covetable cat-eyeliner and even more enviable extensions—might be following a familiar celebrity trajectory and diving head-first into beauty. And that’s not all: there will also be shower products, and fragrances. Yes, it’s happening (we think).


GrandAri, Grande’s company, reportedly filed a trademark application last week for “Thank U, Next” for a variety of products. The submission apparently cites “Eau de cologne; Eau de parfum; Eau de toilette; Fragranced body care preparations, namely, body lotions, bath gels, shower gels, body scrubs, body powders, body soufflés, body mists.” 


Considering “Thank U Next” is not just a song or mantra, but a lifestyle, it’s only natural that Grande would attempt to provide an all around sensory experience with her genius. These latest additions will join her already excellent offerings, which include a plethora of fragrances (and how could we forget Lush’s “God Is a Woman”-inspired bath bomb).


Prepare to usher in our next beauty mogul.

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