Ariana Grande Goes to Chanel to Get Over Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande is familiar with the pangs of heartbreak. The “God is a Woman” singer’s ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, passed away this summer. To top it off, she recently broke off her short engagement to actor Pete Davidson. As familiar as she is with love lost, Grande also knows that the quick thrill of a shopping spree can help ease a weepy post-breakup slump. Grande didn’t hit up Zara, though. Instead, she emerged from the Chanel store in NYC with shopping bags (yes, plural) in hand.



It must have worked. Today, Grande poured out love to her Twitter fans with a string of tweets. “o well hi i love u,” she tweeted. “i hope ur well and taking care of yourselves ilysm,” she wrote in another gushy note. One fan asked when she plans to go on tour for her latest album Sweeneter and Grande responded by saying that her “heart needs it” and that she’s currently finalizing details around it.


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