The Best Lemon Pieces, Inspired By Ariana Grande’s Fruit Attack

Beyoncé fans everywhere will be having a good old chuckle at the fact Beychella’s follow-up headliner, Ariana Grande, was hit by a lemon when she took the stage for weekend two. As you well know, Bey’s association with the fruit and its signature color runs deep. While an aggressive move, it did seem only right that some remnants of her 2018 performance should be present.


The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, especially as Beyoncé’s iconic 2016 album, Lemonade, graced Apple Music and Spotify for the first time today. To her credit, Grande and her thigh-high boots brushed off the offending lemon with remarkable gracebut none of us will be abandoning the citrus trend infiltrating every brand this season as easily. Lemons have never been sweeter, if you will, and are bound to weave their way into your summer looks.


In honor of Grande’s quick recovery and Beyoncé’s new-old release, we’ve rounded up the lemon-wear worth purchasing this season. Whether you want to dip your toes with citrus-inspired accessories or go full bore, we all could use a little lemonade for the warmer months ahead.


Urban Outfitters Pura Utz Beaded Lemon Single Earring


Urban Outfitters

Love Stories Audrey Lemon Drawstring Lounge Short



Off shoulder mini dress lemon and lime print





Lemon Print Midi


Red Dress

Sippin’ Lightly Lemon Print Dress



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