A Guide To Manifesting Ariana Grande’s High Ponytail Power

If there’s anything more iconic than Ariana Grande herself, it’s her ponytail. The pony has done more than start a trend of high-updo copycats: it’s become a powerful enigma of its own, rightfully reaching legend status.


So, how does one embody such big hair energy? Does it take a village of abiding hair stylists and rivers of extensions? Maybe for Grande, but you can easily execute the timeless high ponytail with a few of these hair care essentials. Allow me to guide you through the transformative journey, below.


Hair bungees are essential


Brown Bungee Elastics 6 Count


A hair tie can only hold up so much for so long. If you’re reaching for a pack of hair extensions to fully embody Grande’s floor-sweeping pony, you’re going to need a hair bungee. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a bungee-like cord to tie up the thickest of hair with ease. They may look intimidating, but they’re ridiculously life-changing.


Find the strongest hair gel money can buy.


WALL ST Strong Hold Gel


To keep your mane fully tamed, you have to bring out the big guns. Enter: This ultra-hold hair gel, which will give your hair that glossy Grande-approved finish with no bumps or kinks in sight.


Keep hairspray on deck at all times.


Freestyler Working Hairspray


To truly embody the highest high pony power, one must always have hairspray within arm’s reach. Grande would be damned if she had a single flyaway strand that isn’t meticulously placed on her smooth pony, so thou shalt always keep frizz and unruly hairs at bay with a touch-up of aerosol hairspray.


Give your pony some sheen with hair oil.


Ghost Oil


Ariana’s pony is not only lengthy, but so shiny that you could probably see your own reflection in it. To create this glass-like sheen, you’re going to need a bit—and I do mean a bit—of hair oil. Just slather it on post-styling, and your hair’s reflection is ready to blind everyone in your path.


Your scalp needs solace.


Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Treatment


A high pony is a known scalp murderer, so some post-scalp revitalization is key to keeping up with this high-maintenance ‘do. This scalp treatment will give your aching crown just what to needs to stay in tact.

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