The mysterious artist installed it just days after another border installation

Pseudonymous French artist JR has left another surprise for border agents, this time in the form of a giant picnic.

The Giant Picnici-D reports, is an epically long picnic table that extends equally across both sides of the border’s steel barriers…adorned with a pair of strikingly sketched black-and-white eyes, and is a fully functional dining table (as evidenced by a picnic that took place on the artwork yesterday).”

The giant picnic table appeared in Tecate, a city in Baja California, just days after the artist installed a billboard-sized photo of Kikito, a one-year-old Mexican toddler, who appears to be peering over the wall — at once looming and innocent. His work is well-timed with Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies; the photo of Kikito was put up around the time Trump ended DACA, the amnesty program that protected nearly 800,000 US residents who were brought into the US illegally as children.

JR is an elusive presence beyond his signature combination of sunglasses and fedora. His works tackle social injustices and puts them on a scale too large to ignore. Two massive eyes peer up from either side of the fence separating the US from Mexico. On his Instagram, the artist posted a video of himself sharing tea with a federal agent and said this:

“For the last 10 years, I have been working in conflict zone, jails, borders and I always found an « angel » that helped us make the impossible possible … The picnic today was clearly forbidden, and yet it was not shut down. It’s always worth trying.”

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