A$AP Rocky Went to His First Orgy at 13

Here’s an unexpected thing we learned from Esquire‘s interview with A$AP Rocky: the rapper went to his first orgy at just 13 years old.


He told the eyebrow-raising story:


“My first orgy was when I was in seventh grade,” he said. “Thirteen years old. Yeah, I was at Booker T. Washington [High School] in New York City. My dad had went to jail for drugs, so my mom moved us to a homeless shelter on 104th and Broadway. Our school was like three blocks away, and they used to let us out for lunch, for 45 minutes. The first time was in this apartment building. We took the elevator to the roof, and everybody put their coats on the ground. There were like five girls and 10 guys, and we all just took turns.”


Another fun fact: A$AP Rocky had his $100,000 bed custom-made for his Beverly Hills mansion, a true mark of superstardom if you ask us. Apparently, inspired by his love of The Nightmare Before Christmas, he designed his bed “in the style of Tim Burton and Wes Anderson.”


He also talked to the magazine about his adult experiences with group sex.


“Yeah man, lot of orgies. I’ve photographed and documented many of them,” the rapper said. “The women that I’m around are into that free-spirited shit like me. Usually guys are insecure with working, successful women, they can’t handle it when it’s on the other foot, you know? So they get with a guy like me — they know I don’t want to break their hearts or nothing. And why not? Let’s smoke some good weed in the teepee and have a fun time! Heh heh!”


A$AP Rocky, by all accounts, is living his best life.


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