ASOS and Para-Athlete Chloe Ball-Hopkins Designed a Wheelchair-Friendly Jumpsuit

ASOS has been trying to broaden their representation for their shoppers, and their latest collaboration demonstrates that. From offering a wider range of options for plus-sized women to debuting a gender-neutral collection, the brand’s efforts are being noticed. Now, ASOS has collabed with reporter and model Chloe Ball-Hopkins, who uses a wheelchair, to design a tie-dye rain suit that can be zipped into a jumpsuit.

“Accessible clothing is an area that we’re looking to make improvements in, both in terms of designing clothes differently and helping people with specific needs find what they’re looking for more easily,” ASOS’ corporate site says. “We’re incredibly proud of our partnership with the British Paralympics Association, and creating a bespoke collection that meet the athletes’ needs, as well as making them look and feel great, has improved our learning about designing for a range of abilities.”

The jumpsuit is fully waterproof and comes with a few key features: a relaxed fit and a hem that’s a little longer in back to prevent the item from riding up. The ‘80s-style jumpsuit sells for $64.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, Ball-Hopkin expressed her excitement for the collaboration.  “So over the last several months I have been working with @ASOS to create a fashionable, yet practical waterproof all in one,” she wrote. “Not just for people like me in a chair but for anyone. It’s about making fashion accessible! So what should be next?!”

The idea for the suit came to the reporter after a rainy 2017 Splendour Festival. The piece is not only wheelchair-friendly but festival ready. Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2018 Adaptive Collection for people with disabilities is another recent example of a mainstream retailer working to serve a larger audience.

“To see the final product, I can’t believe that we actually worked in conjunction so much. I thought maybe they’d take it and run with it,” Ball-Hopkins told the BBC. “You get the same version whether it’s you or I buying it – that’s the point. It is exactly the same for me as it is for you.”


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