We Should All Be Offended By These Denim Panties

Whoever said one man’s trash is another man’s treasure evidently never laid eyes on these brutally unflattering denim panties, because, well, it’s hard to imagine anyone treasuring them.


These ASOS cut-off shorts are not the first pairs of denim panties we have seenand lord knows they won’t be the lastbut it’s hard to imagine even a Revolve influencer at a Coachella after party opting to wear these. Though they are titled “Reclaimed Vintage Hot Pants,” there is nothing very hot about them. Part-short, part-thong, and part-mid-rise denim underwear, even the model seems to be struggling to make them work. 


Where Would You Wear These Unfortunate Denim Panties? 1Where Would You Wear These Unfortunate Denim Panties?


I hear you: What about the very similar, $300 Y-Project take on the denim panty? Or PrettyLittleThing’s denim thong? I don’t know how, or why, but these are just worse. They haven’t fully leaned in to their panty-ness of their contemporaries, nor can they claim to be a very short-jort. No, papa, just no. 


Shop some easier (and probably way more comfortable) styles, below. 

Maison Margiela

White Denim Classic Shorts



Indigo Reverse Denim Shorts






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