New York libraries are forgiving children’s unpaid fines…

In today’s feel-good news: Finally, children of New York City, you can return those books under your beds without fear of overdue fines. On Thursday, The Cut writes, all three New York City public library systems will forgive late fees for children 17 and under. It’s important to note that it is, however, a one-time deal.

Library patrons can’t check out books after they’ve reached $15 or more in late fines, which, The Cut notes, means that an estimated 160,000 children haven’t been able to check out books. The fine forgiveness is thanks to a donation from the JPB Foundation. Coming on the heels of the news that lunch is now free for all NYC public school students, New York is looking like a pretty good place to be a kid right now.

In other news, I’m fairly certain I still have an overdue copy of a Sarah Dessen novel from middle school in my childhood bedroom.

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