Chelsey Wilkens

Fit community, party of 1

Why Has the Fitness World Suddenly Become so Exclusive?

Finding your fit community can be as daunting as the workout itself, but what we are in search of is more accessible than you think.  We love the idea of exclusivity—it’s difficult to not become consumed by what we do and do not possess, but with the right support system these details fade into the background, leaving a community you want to keep showing up for. ...

5 Reasons to Reach for a Collagen Boost

Calling collagen the fountain of youth may be a slight stretch, but this go-to has become the staple cure-all for celebrities and laymen alike for its slew of h

Chelsey Wilkens

Chelsey is an international personal trainer and yoga instructor, who grew up around Lake Tahoe as a gymnast and outdoor fanatic. With an inspired focus on physical well being, she has studied nutritional biochemistry and approaches wellness with a holistic understanding of creating balance within your body’s chemistry as well as day-to-day life.