The Perfect Jacket for Back-to-School Looks

A foreshadowed bell will soon echo the halls of educational institutions across the nation as summer’s recess makes its impending exit. We can almost hear the cries of students everywhere, but remember knowledge is power, kids and so is our ticket to pulling your best back-to-school fit. First and foremost, there are various stages and variables in which your back-to-school look can take including but not limited to age, grade level, school dress codes, and personal style.

Back-to-school fashion is all about finding your own path and staying consistent with who you want to be perceived as amongst your peers and teachers, but a word to the wise always be a leader and not a follower, not in only a traditional school sense but a motto throughout life. Originality always wins.

The Perfect Jacket for Back-to-School Looks 1

As the temps continue to descend, it’s time to scrimmage through your wardrobe for those championed outerwear garments; bombers, trench coats, pea coats, and denim jackets are among the favored staples we return to season after season. To start the school year on the right foot, opt for a blazer jacket as a layering piece over knitwear. Complement those pieces by selecting a cropped skinny jeans, mules or slingbacks (we’re fond of both) and a circular wicker messenger bag for good measure.

Let’s be honestyou won’t be able to fit your books in it, but we also don’t want you to compromise your bomb fit for the cause either. Add a canvas tote for practicality purposes that school isn’t a fashion show and books or other supplies will most likely be warranted.


Double-breasted check coat

$169.99 $84.99


Knitted braided sweater



Mom relaxed jeans

$59.99 $29.99


Resin face earrings



Handmade bamboo coffer bag



Patent loafers

$49.99 $24.99

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