The Best Remedies For Combatting Under-Eye Circles

I have no idea who coined the term “bags” as a catchall for eye puffiness and dark circles, but hey!, most of us have them. The sagging, pigmented skin around our eyes looks like the worn-out leather tote that gets dragged and smushed on the subway on the daily. But, just like our beloved Louis Vuitton and Celine purses, all it takes is a little TLC to get your bags back into shape.


Most of us suffer from occasional bags, whether from genetic, environmental, or lifestyle causes. The under-eye area is the thinnest of skin and, as we age, the skin loses its ability to regenerate. The result: If not taken care of properly, a double-whammy of puffiness and fine lines.


Thankfully, there are a few precautionary measures we can all take to give our under-eyes the “just took a dip in the fountain of youth” effect. Below, celebrity cosmetic dermatologist and founder of PFRANKMD, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, let’s us in on his secrets for keeping our under-eyes refreshed and revitalized.


What causes under eye bags, anyways?


According to Dr. Frank, there are tons of  factors that can cause under-eye bags: diet, sleep, and exercise— r more specifically, a  lack of. But, the biggest contributor to under-eye bags is stress. So, if you want your skin to look, Dr. Frank recommends this age-old trick: chill out.


“Stress reduction is the number one thing to make you not look tired,” Frank says . Sure, it may be easier said than done, but trying to reduce your stress is one of the best ways to make you look—and feel—less exhausted.


Deflating your under-eye bags


While going on de-stress mode and paying closer attention to  your diet and workout routine can help tremendously, sometimes, the damage is already done. That’s when you these extra steps come in.


If you want to go the in-office route, Dr. Frank suggests:


  1. Laser Treatment: Fraxel Repair is a skin-resurfacing treatment that helps reverse the signs of aging, sun damage, and severe acne scarring. “For loose skin under the eyes with or without a small bag, the Fraxel Repair Co2 laser offers a non-surgical eyelift result without the need for cutting, unsightly scars or general anesthesia,” Frank says. It’s pricey, but it’s also quite  popular thanks to its dramatic results.


  1. Filler: According to Dr. Frank, this hyaluronic acid-filled option works to fill out wrinkles and restore volume for a plumper, healthier look; it also slows down the body’s natural collagen production to improve facial structure. “Filler under the eyes help camouflage dark circles and offset small bags by filling the under eye hollows that can make one appear tired,” he says. “Restylane or belotero gives immediate, painless results that can last up to a year. You will leave that same day looking like you got 10 hours of sleep.”

The At-Home Treatment


If you don’t have  time to head to the derm’s office, try  revamping your skincare routine. Chances are, you’re probably forgetting about this delicate area while you slather on your face creams. “This area under the eyes is one of the thinnest areas and is easily neglected in basic skin care,” says Dr. Frank. First, he advises laying off of the heavy eye makeup so your skin can breathe.Then, to give your under-eyes some extra TLC, Dr. Frank suggests dipping a Q-tip into your moisturizer and dabbing it on your upper and lower lids.  And with tons of products to choose from, we’ve listed some of our go-to under-eye rejuvenating picks below .


OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Crѐme



Banana Bright Eye Creme 0.5 oz/ 15 mL



This eye cream  is a best-seller for a reason: It’s packed with brightening vitamin C to brighten dark circles and provides much-needed hydration to firm skin and target fine lines and wrinkles. It’s creamy formula instantly melts into skin, leaving a lightweight finish that won’t weigh you down.


Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Revitalizing Eye Mask



Luminous Deep Hydration Revitalizing Eye Mask 1 mask



For an extra boost of hydration, an eye mask is always a safe bet. We love this J-Beauty eye mask for its revitalizing approach to plumping dehydrated skin: It’s crafted out of coconut-derived biocellulose, which works to instantly hydrate skin and reduce the look of fine lines. Green tea, rice bran oil, and red algae work together to make you feel totally refreshed.


Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase



Pure Silk Pillowcase - Pink, King



PSA: The way you sleep is just as important as how much you sleep. At least, when it comes to wrinkles. If you’re a side sleeper, your regular cotton pillowcase can actually cause fine lines and  puffiness, so why not upgrade to a silk version? Silk pillowcases are less likely to wrinkle your skin, and—bonus!— they stay cleaner longer. Plus, if you want to keep your eyes fully covered, strap on the Silk Sleepmask before you hit the hay.


Stacked Skincare Ice Roller



Ice Roller - Assorted at Urban Outfitters



In an unlikely turn of events, ice rollers have become a godsend for anyone suffering from inflamed, puffy under-eyes. The cooling feel of this roller reduces any redness and puffiness, while a mixture of gel and water work to soothe skin. Pop it in the freezer, then roll  on for an immediate burst of relief.


Edible Beauty Gold Rush Eye Balm



Gold Rush Eye Balm 0.3 oz/ 10 mL



For the driest of under eyes, an intensive balm may be needed over  an average cream moisturizer. This gold-leaf infused eye balm isn’t just totally boujee, but it actually gives dry under-eye areas the rich moisture they need. A fusion of cucumber, coffee, and horsetail extracts work hand-in-hand to invigorate and awaken your eyes.


SHIFFA Jade Facial Massage Roller



Jade Facial Massager Roller



Yes, jade rollers look excellent on your  #shelfie, but they actually help serums and creams penetrate your skin. The cooling sensation of this jade roller helps bring blood to the surface of the skin while stimulating facial muscles for a toned and radiant finish.


Shiseido NutriPerfect Eye Serum



NutriPerfect Eye Serum



When your eyes need some extra replenishment, a serum is always a great place to start. This eye treatment was made for mature skin in mind, which is more prone to under-eye bags and puffiness. It helps improve loss of firmness and wrinkles, leaving behind a more youthful appearance with reduced sagging in as little as one week.


MDNA Skin The Beauty Roller



The Beauty Roller



Madonna (a.k.a. the ageless queen) and her go-to dermatologist, Dr. Frank, teamed up to create the facial roller of the century—it’sthe best weapon against under-eye bags, wrinkles, fine lines, and just about everything else you can think of. In fancy terms, it’s formulated with  high-density black body-carbon to rejuvenate skin with Far Infrared Rays. But all you really need to know is that it’ll  replenish your skin to its former toned, bright, and buoyant glory.

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