We’re Definitely On Board With The Balaclava

2018’s Fall/Winter collections have given us no shortage of write-up-worthy winter wear. From the fantastic (fleece’s cult status resurgence) to the absolutely absurd (Gucci’s $500 bedazzled Yankees cap) to the WTF, we kinda dig it (see: these Kim Shui x Jeffrey Campbell puffer boots) there’s been an overwhelming amount of things that are cool, but will also  keep you warm.


The latest item that checks those boxes is the balaclava. Traditionally, the cap is made of black wool covering the face and neck with strategically placed holes for your eyes and mouth. This season, the style commonly seen on bank robbers, home invaders, and the like is getting a makeover via bright colors, playful patterns, and a whole lot of logos (Gucci gave us this classically striped version, while Marine Serre one-upped everyone else with a turtleneck that doubles as a face mask).


Below, our favorite balaclavas to keep you warm and provide some serious street cred. Living on the edge never looked so good.



Striped Wool Knit Balaclava Hat - Womens - Navy



Black and White Wool SF Balaclava



Paulina Fox-Fur-Trimmed Balaclava - Gray



Red and White Peru Rabbit Full Balaclava



Moon Print Knit Top



Green and Red Wool Balaclava


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