The Boujee Products Beauty Editors Actually Use

Let’s be real for a moment: Beauty products can get expensive. And while, in theory, pricier should equate to better and more effective, that’s rarely the case. So how does one wade through the overpriced b.s. to find something that’s actually worth it? Turn to your favorite beauty editor, of course.


If there’s one group of women who really know everything there is to know about hair, skin, and cosmetics, it’s beauty editors. We talk to dermatologists, hair stylists, and makeup artists on the daily to unearth the best of the best in the industry. Plus, we get to try out just about everything—shout out to PR teams!—so you don’t have to.


So, what do our go-to beauty editors really think is worth the splurge? Find out, below.


Jeena Sharma  Beauty Reporter, PAPER Magazine



“My favorite ‘boujee’ buy at the moment is La Potion Infinie, which is a face cream by this brand called Argentum. It’s a new entry into the US market and is priced at $225 for a small tub. I initially received it as a sample, but I’ve been obsessed ever since. It’s technically supposed to be an “anti-aging” cream, but I mainly use it as a night cream and wake up incredibly smooth. cleaner, and brighter skin. It comes infused with silver hydrosol, which is  why it works so phenomenally well, but it’s an expensive ingredient, hence the high price point. I’ve never been the person with an extensive 17-step skincare routine, but this one product has replaced all my existing serums/face oils. If you can afford to give it a shot, it’s totally worth it!”


La Potion Infinie



Rebecca Norris — Beauty Editor, Brit + Co.



“I’m obsessed with MMXV Infinitude. It’s my favorite moisturizer for when I’m feeling especially lazy, since it’s a 7-in-1 that can be used morning or night in place of a full routine. It hydrates, brightens, soothes, shields against free radicals, lightly exfoliates, restores collagen and elastin, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it smells fab! Not in a super fragrance-y way, but almost as if you’re walking into a clean, calm spa. It’s one of the only skincare products I’ve ever actually hit empty on.”


Universal Facial Treatment, Size 1 oz



Jenna Igneri  Fashion and Beauty Editor, NYLON



I honestly don’t think my face would have survived this winter without MILÉO’s Maroc D’Azur Elixir Oud. This soothing and plumping facial oil helps your skin retain moisture when it needs it most, and the result is a magically dewy, glowy complexion. It doesn’t hurt that it also smells like heaven. While $175 might feel steep for one fluid ounce, I can assure you, it’s worth it.”


Maroc D'Azur Elixir Oud



Jessica Chia  Executive Beauty Editor, Allure



My favorite fancy beauty product is definitely the Bio Ionic 10X Pro UltraLight Speed Dryer. It’s nearly $300, but it’s hands down the fastest blow dryer I’ve ever tried. I can dry my thick, often waist-length hair in about seven minutes with this puppy. Just be sure to prep with a volumizer, like Oribe’s Grandiose Mousse before—the high speed blast can flatten roots if you don’t.“


10X Ultralight Speed Dryer



Tahirah Hairston  Fashion and Beauty Features Director, Teen Vogue


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“I didn’t understand why anyone would spend $215 on a face moisturizer (seriously, why?) until I put on Barbara Sturm’s Darker Skin Tones Face Cream. It instantly hydrated my extremely dry skin and gave me an instant glow. Also…the compliments. I’m not saying compliments should be the reason why you buy a skincare product, but once I started wearing this cream, the compliments on my complexion and glow haven’t stopped. Plus, even though the jar looks small, it lasts for a pretty good amount of time. I exfoliate, put on a serum, and then this cream—an easy peezy and guaranteed way to look moisturized. Money well spent.”


Darker Skin Tones Face Cream Rich



Kathleen Hou  Beauty Director, The Cut



Okay yes, this concealer is roughly the price of a decent meal for two people or one pair of Outdoor Voices leggings. But I’ve been using it practically every day for roughly 15 years, and have only gone through three tubes. That is a very good cost-per-wear (about three cents per use). It is the easiest thing to use to cover up dark circles and instantly look less tired, which is why it’s a makeup artist mainstay. It’s also  one of those rare products that you need absolutely no technique to use correctly: Pat, pat, blend under your eyes, around any red areas on your face, and its creaminess will blend out to diffuse seamlessly into your skin. It looks like real skin and won’t give you matte, crepey eyes.”





Jennifer Hussein  Beauty Editor, COOLS


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“I’ve been obsessed with facial rollers lately, and I can honestly say that the ReFa Carat has been the most impressive one I’ve tried thus far. It’s solar-powered to release a light microcurrent onto your face, and the roller ends slightly pinch your skin to really knead things. It’s like a facial massage, but at home! It’s pretty expensive, and does look a bit like a futuristic sex toy—but whatever gets the job done, right?”




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