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The FDA Made a Big Mistake With Natural Cycles

The FDA Made a Big Mistake With Natural Cycles

The FDA slapped a seal of approval on birth control app Natural Cycles this week, meaning the app can market itself as a valid contraceptive. Natural Cycles allows women to track their body temperature using a basal thermometer, plug their information into the app, and then get insights as to which
Millennials Engaged and Underage, the Newest Millennial Fad

Engaged and Underage, the Newest Millennial Fad

Engagement and marriage is starting to look like just another social trend we Millennials are jumping to. You’re bored in your relationship? Propose. See a pretty ring? Pop the question. Things are going well and you want to celebrate that? Tie the knot, plan a wedding.

How To Have Fun Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Hello, lonely hearts club! Zoe is here to help you through the most brutally unfair day of all, Valentine’s Day. Ultimately, it’s just like any other day: You wake up and have two choices 1.) play Valentine’s Russian Roulette where you put a loaded gun next to your nightstand, drink a bottle of Stol ...

Sex Trends for 2018: Here Comes the Future!

Hello everyone! The New Year is almost upon us and I know what you’re thinking; wasn’t it just yesterday that we were making fun of preppers making bunkers to hide out in when Y2K hit? It’s been 18 years since the turn of the millennium! But time marches on and every year we seem to get more sexual ...

Why You Won’t Find Me at Any NYC Sex Parties

I have a secret that I am very ashamed of,  but I’m ready to come clean and share it with you. Despite my image as a carefree, wanton sexpert... I am pretty vanilla when it comes to sex parties/orgies. I know what you’re thinking: Zoe, that’s crazy, you’re an ex-party girl-burning-man-addict! You m ...

Zoe’s 7 Essential Activities for the Best. Date. EVER.

 Listen. It’s getting dark after lunch. There is no time. This is not a drill. Stopping, dropping, and rolling, will not help you. Winter has come, and the holidays are approaching. You need someone to wear matching reindeer onesies with so that your mother doesn't think you're going to die alone in ...
It's Cuffing Season & You're in a LDR?

It’s Cuffing Season & You’re in a LDR?

I’ve been in a long distance relationship since Junior year of high school. Wait, let me rephrase that; since Junior year of high school, I’ve been in a series of long distance relationships. I was 16 at the start of it and now I am 24 going on 25 and while I’m certainly not who I used to be, I am a ...

The Restaurants You Need to Know for Date Night

In our first installment of Zoe Recommends, our resident Sex+Love guru, Zoe Nightingale breaks down the best places for regular folks to take their dates when a meal is required. Note-taking encouraged, reservations required.   Per SePer Se has a nine-course tasting menu of  sensual an ...