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How I Learned to Travel While Managing My Mental Health

Travel seems to be the path of the moment. Get out of your cubicle and see the world is the motto of many millennials looking to change the way we view success and adventure. But travel isn’t always as accessible as people think. And I’m not talking about money.   I’ve suffered from General ...

Earthing, The Vitamin You Take In Through Your Feet

Did you know the soles of your feet can actually absorb specific nutrients from the ground—in the form of an electrical charge—that nourishes your whole body?   We live on Earth, but most of us don’t even touch the earth anymore. Living and working in New York City, most of us suffer from b ...
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Fitness Experts Share the Secret to Staying Healthy On Your Schedule

Finding the time to workout can be a challenge in itself, and now with summer approaching, the days are getting longer and the city impossibly busier, so it's getting even harder to keep yourself in check from chronic fear of missing out. We lead busy lives, there's no doubt about it. But as I've le

The “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” Booty Workout

As the days become longer and more importantly warmer, New Yorkers need little excuse to get outside and discover how the city comes back to life in the summer. So riding my bike over the Williamsburg bridge for a booty-burning workout followed by an icy Açai bowl and iced americano from Aussie cafe ...

Why Go To The Gym When You Have a Fire Escape?

Not everyone has a gym membership, but most of us have a fire escape, and it's a very little-known fact that that a fire escape can double as a workout machine. Try our "firescape sequence" to strengthen your core, tone your derriere, stretch your hamstrings, and wring out toxins, all from the co
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Fat-Burning, Metabolism-Boosting & All in 20 Minutes

It may not feel like spring just yet, but summer is around the corner. Now is the time to kick yourself into gear and burn some fat. Your days may not actually be getting longer, but with the sun setting later at least there is the increasing illusion that we can get more done in a day. With this qu

5 Reasons to Reach for a Collagen Boost

Calling collagen the fountain of youth may be a slight stretch, but this go-to has become the staple cure-all for celebrities and laymen alike for its slew of holistic healing properties. According to Bulletproof founder, Dave Asprey, “Collagen is made up of the amino acids glycine, proline, and lys ...