Behold: Rihanna’s Fan Mail for Your Enjoyment and Perusing

If I could earnestly use the term “girlboss” without cracking a smile (it reeks of sexism despite it’s ubiquity), I would probably use it to describe Rihanna. She’s part performer, part trend setter, part philanthropist, part bad ass, the list goes on. In short, Ri contains multitudes and she’s changing the world with 40 shades of face makeup at a time. Allure‘s editor in command (chief, officially) Michelle Lee perhaps put it best in her ed letter for the new issue, for which Ri is fronting.

“Launched a mere 13 months ago, Rihanna’s 40 shades of foundation changed the industry forever,” Lee writes. “Fenty Beauty disrupted an already crowded market, not with technology or scientific invention, but with ideology,” touching upon the “Umbrella” singer’s strong stances on diversity.

Behold: Rihanna's Fan Mail for Your Enjoyment and Perusing

Photo: Courtesy of Allure

One of two “Best of Beauty” covers by Nadine Ijewere for Allure

Rihanna has been an early proponent of body and beauty diversity, which is exemplified through her casting decisions for her many brands. At the Fenty X Savage show during New York Fashion Week, an incredibly pregnant Slick Woods fearlessly modeled a lace bodysuit with sexy cutouts, and pasties, before giving birth later that night. Needless to say, it wasn’t your average fashion show.

In another break from tradition, Allure chose 5 people to write fan letters to the Bad Gal herself in lieu of a traditional cover story. Slick Woods, coincidentally, was one of those people chosen. Woods writes, “You made inclusivity cool, and that’s revolutionary,” adding, “I’m so thankful for you. But you knew dat.” 

Behold: Rihanna's Fan Mail for Your Enjoyment and Perusing 2Read the rest of Rihanna’s fan mail over at Allure.

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