Bella Hadid Is An Alien Now

With the great Area 51 ambush of 2019 slowly approaching, there’s one question lingering in all of our minds: who is really human, and who is alien?


While some of you skeptics may scoff at the idea that extraterrestrial life forms may live among us, I have proof that these aliens do, indeed, exist—and it’s (or rather, she) has been in your Instagram feed this whole time. World, may we present the concept that Bella Hadid maybe, just maybe, be an alien.


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character #777

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The double cat eye;  the geometric bob; the intergalactic green in her irises; it just all makes sense. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but even the hashtag could point to a code that she may be sending to her intergalactic cohorts, telling them now is the time to invade (or just hang out on planet Earth, we don’t judge). 


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Not enough proof? Then let’s take a gander at exhibit B:

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Send me to the future

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This Matrix-inspired look—tiny oval sunglasses and all—seems to be Bella in her truest form. While the caption reads “send me to the future,” it looks like the younger of the Hadid sisters has already came and went. Time travel? Definitely alien.


Bella, take me to your leader—I need those out-of-this-world cheekbones.

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