Bella Hadid And Lil Miquela Make Out In Calvin Klein’s New Ad

File this under sentences I never thought I would say: Bella Hadid made out with CGI influencer/model Lil Miquela in the newest Calvin Klein campaign.


Yes, 22-year-old real-life woman Hadid kissed a “19-year-old” robot, and it was awkwardly passionate given the fact that it wasn’t even close to real. It felt so real, though, that when I watched it, my hands got that sweaty, uncomfortable feeling you get when you, I don’t know, see PDA in the middle of the workday.


In the CK video, Hadid stands in a room wearing biker shorts and a crop top, patiently waiting for her friend/co-star/make-out partner to arrive. As Lil Miquela walks over, Hadid reaches out with her right hand to touch her face. They then kiss for a solid 10 seconds…I counted.


For all of those who are curious (and how can you not be?!), see Bella Hadid and Lil Miquela “get surreal” here.




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