What Do Bella Hadid’s Makeup Videos Remind You Of?

Life is stressful. There are bills, apartments, lack-of apartments, romantic entanglements, lack-of romantic entanglements, unpaid invoices, and repeated missed calls from your parents. You deserve a break, and, evidently, Bella Hadid wants you to take one.


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When we’ve been very good and, most importantly, patient, Bella Hadid rewards us. Sure, it’s usually following a big event (the CFDA Awards, a family birthday, a collaboration launch), but that’s besides the point. Bella Hadid’s makeup videos are so soothing they might as well be ASMR—the global phenomenon of people whispering into microphones so as to provide relaxation.


Exhibit A:


The gentle application of lip gloss, the sparkling eye shadow, and the sheen of body highlight, in addition to the light lip touch. This is the visual equivalent of rain sounds.


Exhibit B:


We’re a little more high energy here, which would make this video a great ambience-creator at a, say, Williamsburg loft party. Pop this puppy on a projector and run it on loop—you’ll instantly put everyone at ease/provoke conversation regarding our society’s overconsumption of content and ever-growing access to celebrities. Love.


Exhibit C: 


Ah, the video that launched a million memes. Hadid’s camera flirtation peaks in this clip—she trots forward, she bites her nail, she flutters her eyelashes. Watch over and over, and feel at rest. Go on.

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