Nothing COOL Can Stay: Remembering Bennifer’s Traffic-Stopping Summer Style

The year was 2003. Britney Spears was at the height of her career, The O.C premiered at the end of summer to rave teen reviews, and Vanity Fair ran this now-infamous cover. Ben Affleck was but one year off from beginning a romantic relationship with then-friend, future-wife, Jennifer Garner. But at this point in time, July 2003, Affleck was strolling the streets of Deep Cove, Vancouver with another Jennifer: Jennifer Lopez. 


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The two met on the set of flopped 2002 romantic comedy Gigli and continued to join each other on-screen and on red carpets before a brief engagement. Two years later, Affleck would marry Garner, J.Lo would have multiple relationships with sporting and entertainment superstars, and the rest, as they say, is very messy romantic Hollywood history. But we haven’t forgotten the steamy Canadian summer stroll that gave us the kind of style inspiration that, almost 20 years on, we can still refer to.  


Nothing COOLS Can Stay: Remembering Bennifer's Traffic-Stopping Summer Style


J. Lo’s hoop tank, those hip-riding bootcut jeans, platform square-toe heels, and slicked bun, we could only be so lucky. And how could we leave out Ben? With his Boston cap, wife-beater, and sheer lemon linen shirt—goals is just not an apt enough descriptor. 


With the early-’00s gripped with celebrity mania, this pared-down look for Bennifer’s day out of the spotlight is all the off-duty inspiration we need for our own Hot Girl/Boy summers. Next time you’re taking a day off the social media hamster wheel and stepping out for a cold brew or stroll on an out-of-office Friday, take a leaf out of the hottest-couple-of-2003’s look book.

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