Sounds COOL(S): Songs To Feed Your Soul This Summer

You’re over your Spotify mixes, your YouTube playlists are becoming repetitive, and wading through your muso friend’s ever-pretentious song suggestions is less appealing than listening to Nickelback’s “Photograph” on repeat for the rest of time. We get it. To relieve your decision fatigue, we’ve asked the hottest rising artists to compile their favorite tracks of the minute.


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Here, BENEE shares the songs to keep your soul satiated in the warmer months. 


1. King Krule, “Biscuit Town”

There’s something about his voice that melts me every time. It’s so deep and dark. I haven’t heard anyone that sounds quite like him…his music has such mystique! I saw him live once and he was everything I had hoped he would be in real life standing there on the stage. His stage presence alone so vividly shows how much he feels the music, and I think that for my own stage performances he has really shown me that you don’t need choreography at a show to pull it off and put on a brilliant performance.



2. Joji, “Yeah Right”

I only recently found out about Joji and I’m hooked already. His songs remind me somewhat of a mixture between Corbin and James Blake. Both artists that I listen to a lot and have both, as musical geniuses, influenced my work. Joji encourages me to incorporate more of the R&B sounds into the production of my music as he shows me just how well a softer vocal can sit on top of those productions means. His dark themes are so nicely conveyed with his choice of melody, and the music videos to go with his tracks are killer cool.


3. Beirut, “Elephant Gun”

“Elephant Gun” by Beirut is a song that instantly makes me feel happy but also kinda sad. The light instrumental in the background is so sweet, and the vocals are so poignant. I was introduced to the band at a young age by my parents and a feeling of nostalgia always hits me listening to them. They remind me of the long road trips we would take to go to beach batches and surf trips growing up.


4. James Blake, “Power On”

Oh my lord! This song has to be my favorite right now. James Blake is definitely a musician I have looked up to for a while now. Everything from his production to his vocals are just so well done, you can tell how carefully he crafts each of his songs. The pre-chorus in this song with all the layers of his vocals makes me want to cry. He’s the bomb-dot-com. 


5. Cosmo Pyke, “Chronic Sunshine”

One thing that I really love about his music is that it always mixes melancholic themes with light summery guitar sounds! Makes for great beach music. This dude is so sick. He’s got this super-cool, chilled back attitude which I love, and he always just seems to look effortlessly cool. The funky bass mixed with his unique voice creates such a fresh sound that I can’t get enough of.


6. Still Woozy, “Lava”

I recently found out about this artist through my discover page on Spotify, and now I’m obsessed with his music. There’s so much funk in it and his sound is so fresh. This song is from his new EP Lately and every song is a bloody bop! Lyrically I think he has some super cool themes in each of his songs and his voice is so soft and velvety.


7. Connan Mockasin, “Con Conn Was Impatient

I found Connan through a Boiler Room session he did. His music is hella vibey, and I find listening to it on a long drive is super satisfying. His music is quite melancholic, but in a way I find listening to his songs makes me feel pretty good. His voice is super unique, and I find that I can’t really think of anyone else that sounds like him which is cool. I think this fella is an underrated genius! 


8. Daniel Caesar, “Get You”


Daniel Caesar’s voice is gentle and husky…two vocal attributes that my ears seem to crave! His lyrics are so soft and sweet, and he adds a twist to the classic romantic songs. I think that when it comes to writing songs about the more personal matters surrounding the theme of love and romance it can often be quite hard, in my opinion, to not make my work sound cheesy or too mainstream. However, listening to his work, it’s allowed me to see a more in-depth, metaphorical way in which Caesar writes.


9. Tom Misch, “Movie”

I found out about this artist through a COLORS video on YouTube. He did a cover of “Man Like You,” and his voice melted me lil heart. He does this lil head bop that makes me love watching him play live because you can tell how much he enjoys playing. There’s something about the husk of his voice and the way he plays the guitar that kinda weaves through a song like nothing I’ve heard before.


10. Mac DeMarco, “Nobody”

This song comes out of Mac’s new album, Here Comes The Cowboy. For me this is a beachy song that you can pop on during New Zealand summertime and sink into a beach chair. He’s so smooth, and everything about his work is so chill and relaxing. I remember watching him play live at a festival in Auckland and everyone fuckin’ loves this fella. He’s super cool. 


Check out BENEE, below.

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