Does Makeup Porn Turn You On?

What’s your fetish? Are you a foot person, or is hentai more of your thing? Well, Benefit Cosmetics wants to make you horny over something a little more PG-13: makeup.


On Thursday, beauty call-out page Estée Laundry took it upon themselves to share this ASMR-esque video from Sephora Australia‘s Instagram page featuring Benefit Cosmetic’s Hello Happy Flawless Brightening foundation. A sensual clip of slow-pouring foundation seems harmless at first sight, but once you view the following video, you will find that Benefit Cosmetics is, indeed, very horny:

For those of you who would rather not view an NSFW scene featuring two inanimate objects: the clip, posted by the brand’s cohorts over in France, shows a  (rather graphic) rendezvous between their newest foundation with a makeup sponge, showing a, well, messy ending.


Whatever the marketing strategy was, it certainly doesn’t do the foundation’s stamina any favors. 

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