2017, in my humble opinion, was the year of more is more in fashion. Maybe it was a reflection of the utter despair so many of us were feeling from politics and various other world events, but if there’s something we can have control over, it’s the look we present to the world. And this year, it seemed, was about having some fun – and making much-needed changes — when and where we can. From Telfar’s White Castle collaboration to Thom Browne sending a male model unicorn down the runway, these were fashion’s best and brightest moments of 2017…


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  1. Thom Browne and His Unicorn — Unicorn-inspired looks were everywhere from the eyelids of beauty vloggers to the toast we eat for breakfast. Were you to have thought that unicorn and mermaid-inspired things were perhaps cliche or had peaked, Thom Browne made us think-fucking-again. Whimsical things are Browne’s signature, and sending two male models down the runway wearing an over-the-top tulle costume might have been my favorite runway moment this year.

2. The Gucciness of Gucci — The New York Times published an article in October titled “The Maximalists Are Coming” about the trend of delightfully tacky, decadent design aesthetics that Instagram accounts like Decor Hardcore are bringing back. A delicious sort of fuck-you to minimalism, Ksenia Shestakovskaia of Decor Hardcore was tapped by none other than Alessandro Michele, creative director and maximalist mastermind of Gucci, for their #TFWGucci campaign.

That is the perfect example of how Gucci nailed relevant excess this past year. Michele had Gucci experiencing exponential growth and cemented a celebrity fan base, whether it was J.Lo wearing a bedazzled Gucci dress to host Taco Night or the Gucci loafers every celebrity, from Aziz Ansari to Sofia Richie, have been wearing.

3. White Castle and Telfar — I LOVE a good high/low collaboration and Telfar designing the employee uniforms for the mini burger emporium — and an accompanying streetwear line — was one of my favorite moments this year. Telfar Clemens was already known for throwing his fashion week parties in unusual places like, of course, White Castle and seeing him take it a step further was very fun.

The debut party for the collection was catered by the employees of the White Castle in LeFrak City, Queens, and was headlined by Cam’ron. A perfect New York City love letter, I do believe.

4. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Breaking Barriers — Rihanna is “mom” for many, many reasons, but the most stand-out one this year was Fenty Beauty. Her beauty label broke boundaries in 2017, from being the center of the beauty industry’s biggest story — her inclusive, groundbreaking 40 shades of foundation — to, more recently, her line of lipsticks with SZA as the face of the campaign.

Rihanna completely changed the game and all while having fun doing it. For this, I couldn’t salute her more.

5. Fashion Became More Inclusive — And Launched a Movement for its Models — This year, the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and countless (truly…countless) other men — and the resulting #MeToo movement — spawned reverberations that were felt across many industries. Fashion was one of them. Back in October, model and activist Cameron Dove encouraged fashion industry insiders, models particularly, to anonymously share their stories of assault and harassment, which, in turn, Dove shared on her Instagram. The stories were horrifying and incredibly sad, but it was the wakeup call the fashion industry (and many other fields) needed.

This past year also saw great strides for inclusivity in fashion, from model Adwoa Aboah being the cover star on editor Edward Enninful’s first issue of British Vogue to Ashley Graham becoming the first plus-size model to walk the runway for Michael Kors at New York Fashion Week.

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