The Best Sparkly Shoes, Inspired By Beyoncé’s New Enemy

In case you had a dinner with music’s most powerful couple on the cards, it turns out you might just be better off avoiding Beyoncé’s presence altogether. Why? Because even the slightest perceived disrespect will almost instantly incur the wrath of the Beyhive, and one lucky woman (and glittery boots aficionado) has discovered you do not want to contend with that kind of rage.


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If you missed it, Beyoncé has incited a full ‘Becky with the good hair’-esque frenzy after appearing visibly uncomfortable with her neighbor while sitting court-side at a basketball game. The woman, who has since been identified as Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob’s wife Nicole, appeared to be leaning across Beyoncé to chat with Jay-Z, and the mega-star did not seem pleased.


Lacob has since made her Instagram account private after receiving an onslaught of hate via the bee emoji from Beyoncé fans. But, prior to doing so, we were lucky enough to be gifted a glimpse into her existence. Interspersed with selfies and food photos is one (very bright) recurring theme: her shoes (almost all of which are glittery).


The Best Sparkly Shoes — Inspired By Beyoncé's New Enemy


In her honor, we’ve rounded up the hottest sparkly shoes of the season, because, honestly, she could use the support right now. Dive into the dreamy styles belowjust don’t cross Beyoncé.


Miu Miu

Silver Glitter Sandals




Sharp Sandal in Glitter



Golden Goose

Silver Glitter Hi Star Sneakers




Glitter Maddie Boots



Cape Robbin

Risky Business Glitter Sequin Sandal




Party In My Head Platforms

$ 60



Crystal Ankle Boots



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