These Brands Are Celebrating “Real” Beauty

With all of the overly-Photoshopped ads and FaceTuned #sponcon on the Internet, when will beauty finally get, well, real? Though the industry’s age-old unrealistic standards still have a lot of catching up to do, a few brands are (finally!) re-shaping the harmful stigmas cemented in society for decades. And all we can say is: It’s about damn time.


Below, we’re giving a round of applause to a few of the people at the forefront of changing beauty for the better. Here, find some of the most iconic, unedited moments in beauty.




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When it comes to shattering the standards, Rihanna always steps up to the plate. With her latest venture (the luxury fashion line Fenty), she called in model Aweng Chuol and featured unedited photos of her complexion.




SPKTRM Beauty is the brand you need to start stocking up on. To celebrate its official launch late last year, SPKTRM not only crafted up a foundation line with 50 full-range shades, but it also used unedited photos of models from different races, sexual orientations, and backgrounds within their campaign. Beauty with a purpose? We’ll sign up for that.


Ashley Graham X Swimsuits For All


As a big “fuck you” to the paparazzi, Ashley Graham decided to beat them at their own game. For last year’s Swimsuits For All campaign, Graham used unedited paparazzo photos to show off her beautiful, authentic curves. Damn, does she look good.


CVS Beauty Unaltered


CVS raised the bar for drugstore beauty by starting their Beauty Unaltered campaign, which points out which photos in drugstore beauty advertisements have been digitally enhanced. Unedited photos get their “Beauty Unaltered” seal of approval, so you can wade through the B.s.


BABOR X All Womxn Project


Luxury skincare brand BABOR fully snapped by partnering with All Womxn Project, an organization started by model and body positivist Clémentine Desseaux. The campaign celebrates beauty in all of its glorious forms, showing that even skincare can go beyond skin-deep.

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