Gifts For Mom: 5 Perfect Presents She’ll Actually Love

Holidays are designed to celebrate the importance of a special event or person, but none strike quite as close to home as a day celebrating the woman who brought you into this world. In the confluence of socially impactful dates and figures, mothers take the crown, hands down.


So, this year, we’re highlighting some of our favorite gifts for the most important woman in your life: mom. Vrai & Oro, our latest obsession, is a young jewelry brand focused on promoting transparency, simplicity, and sustainability within the jewelry industry. Their delicate designs and high-quality pieces highlight the future of jewelry making—one that keeps in mind the consumer, producer, and the environment. This year, they released a Mother’s Day necklace, the Mama Medallion (now ready for pre-order), which is just a star among the other cools pieces you’ll find for momand maybe yourselfon their site! Shop our favorites below.


Vrai & Oro

Mama Medallion




As the highlight of this year’s Mother’s Day collection, the Mama Medallion is the perfect gift for its subtle-yet-bold nature.



Vrai & Oro

Emerald Diamond Studs




Diamonds are a girl’s best friend—which makes these earrings the perfect choice. With three color options—white, rose, and yellowthere’s something for everyone.



Vrai & Oro

Cuban Link Bracelet




Nothing is more of a staple piece than a simple gold chain bracelet. Easily layered with other bracelets—and paired with any outfit—this is a strong contender on our list.



Vrai & Oro

Cuban Link Chain




Why not pair this Cuban Chain Bracelet with a matching necklace chain?



Vrai & Oro

Baguette Diamond Hoops



Small yet bold, the Baguette Diamond Hoop earrings provide a subtle addition to any look.

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