The Best Reactions to the ‘Legally Blonde 3’ Announcement

In today’s hell yes news, it’s been confirmed by Reese Witherspoon floating in a pool that there will be a Legally Blonde 3 coming to a theater near you.
Deadline reported earlier this week that the same creative team behind the original Legally Blonde, released in 2001, will be behind the third sequel to the film. Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde, the second sequel, came out in 2003. The film about a clever, idealistic (and pink-loving) law student made Witherspoon a superstar, and her Instagram announcement, a nod to Elle Woods’s Harvard Law School video application, was nothing short of perfect.

The internet is, as expected, very hyped about the return of a seminal moment in pop culture. We haven’t been this excited since Gucci became a publicly-traded company! 


Reese Witherspoon, a true ally!

Legally Blonde gets sociopolitical.


Ariana Grande does a pretty spot-on Jennifer Coolidge impression, we must say.

The Legally Blonde puns are here!

Elle Woods has given us all essential knowledge.

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