It’s perhaps a bit unsurprising to learn that the best time to find your true love (or a love for six months…or someone to last until your friend’s wedding in March) is in January, the month of new beginnings.

The folks found that online dating sites are busiest between December 26 and February 14 (lol). Otherwise known as “peak dating season,” now until Valentine’s Day is the time to tweak your bio, update your photos, and send those messages. Match reported that 50 million messages are sent and 1 million dates occur during this time, which is referred to as peak dating season. And according to Men’s Health writer Luke Winkie, 9:00 p.m. on Sundays is the perfect time to purchase that Tinder boost.

Dating apps can, of course, really suck, but they can also be a way of getting you out of a rut. With the doldrums of January upon us, wanting to move on from an old “I shouldn’t text this guy again” fling or simply feeling like you want to meet new people are all reasons to hop on Tinder, even if just for one night with your roommate and a glass of wine. Even if the dates suck, at least you’ll have some stories to tell. (You don’t know how much mileage I’ve gotten out of the story where I mistook a bar bouncer as that evening’s Tinder date.) And all of this being said, if you DON’T feel like redownloading Bumble and focusing, instead, on a side hustle resolution or starting a new project, I say to hell with approximate times to find love.

As the ultimate cliche goes…sometimes it really does find you when you’re not looking.


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