Where To Find The Best Vintage Across America

Here’s the thing: Since I begrudgingly can’t take a long vacation this summer, I have pledged to take as many long weekend trips as possible. With that comes small towns (mainly on the east coast of the United States) that require a little more research than your average popular destination. This includes cute, locals-love-it restaurants, wine bars, parks and, of course, vintage shopping. 

So if you plan on doing a similar close to home adventure this summer, I’m going to knock out some of the work out for you. That’s right: I’ve scoured both the COOLS team’s past trip tips and social media to find some of the top vintage shops in the US that you have to check out this summer. 


Below, see our first US summer vacation spot vintage shopping guide. 


Portland, Oregon – Upstairs Basement

What you’ll find:  Northwestern pieces mixed that are unique to the city. 


Why people love it: If you’re looking for that western-meets-hipster Portland style, this is where you’re going to get it. And, for what it’s worth, this recommendation comes from a stylist on “Portlandia.”


San Diego, California – Hunter and Gather 

What you’ll find: Eclectic and playful vintage from the ’60s to ’90s. Color and fringe is a staple in their selections. 


Why people love it: This store mixes vintage with San Diego jewelry designers so many love the local flair. 


Chicago, Illinois – Lost Girls Vintage 

What you’ll find:  A wide mix of women’s clothing (including dresses and dressier pieces) from the ’50s onward. 


Why people love it: Lost Girls has both a storefront and a mobile vintage shop. It makes the experience of finding and searching for things you like that much more exciting. 



Honolulu, Hawaii – Barrio Vintage 


What you’ll find: Barrio Vintage is in the Chinatown area of Honolulu. You’ll find flowing pieces and bright colors, bold patterns and lots of retro neons from the ’60s to ’80s. 


Why people love it: It’s well-curated but still affordable. 


Salt Lake, Utah – Vantage

What you’ll find: Vantage is a grunge-lovers dream offering tons of denim pieces, and throwback band T-shirts. 


Why people love it: They have a large but organized selection with many items in the $25-$50 range. 


Nashville, Tennessee – High-Class Hillbilly 

What you’ll find: High-Class Hillbilly’s name speaks for its self. You’ll find rockabilly tops and bottoms on both floors of the shop. I found my favorite pair of bell-bottom overalls here. 


Why people love it: It’s exactly what you’d want out of a Nashville vintage shop: a little bit of country and a little bit of rock. 



Los Angeles, California – Cannonball and Tilly

What you’ll find: Like the vibes of the city, you’re going to see lots of casual and laid back vintage pieces like denim and tank tops but what makes it special are the really unique colorful finds. 


Why people love it: There is plenty of vintage in LA but Cannonball and Tilly gets rave reviews for their small but unique curation. 



Charleston, South Carolina – Red Rose Vintage 


What you’ll find: Everything from ’70s-style evening wear to ’80s acid wash overalls. 


Why people love it: The selection is ever-changing and items are super affordable. 


Hudson, New York: Sideshow Vintage 

What you’ll find: It has the flair of New York City fashion but it much more curated than shops in the city. There are plenty of rock and roll style pieces mixed with flowy, chill looks. 


Why people love it: People who love vintage but don’t like sifting through dozens of racks this is the spot. 

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