In just another event in a glorious week for Beyoncé, the singer is turning the spotlight on young female figure skaters in Harlem in a new campaign for her brand Ivy Park. After a historic Beychella performance last weekend complete with Destiny’s Child, a Texas-sized marching band, and this Balmain cape, Beyoncé announced Monday that she’s pledging $100,000 in scholarship money to historically black colleges and universities.

Figure Skating in Harlem is a nonprofit extracurricular program for young women of color that encourages academic success and discipline through skating. Ivy Park, Beyoncé’s sportswear label, dropped a special video today using young women from FSH as models. In a beautiful video clip from the campaign, one of the skaters describes the feeling of being on ice: “The ice is my canvas, my blades are my paintbrush, I am the artist.”

Not only are the girls the stars of the campaign, but Bey also donated workout clothes and accessories to the Harlem organization. Vogue talked to Sharon Cohen, the founder and CEO of Figure Skating in Harlem, about what it means to have Beyoncé support her organization.

“We believe that, given access to artistic sports like figure skating, girls will soar in all areas of their lives and be better equipped to accomplish their dreams,” she said. “Beyoncé is a fierce, authentically powerful woman of color. She inspires young women and girls globally who look just like her to do the exact same—to be fearless, free, and proud of themselves.” The girls, of course, were ecstatic to learn they would be modeling clothes from Ivy Park. Cohen said they were “in shock and over-the-top excited.”

It was just a few days ago that Beyoncé announced her donation to four historically black colleges; a $25,000 scholarship will be awarded to four schools: Xavier, Wilberforce, Tuskegee, and Bethune-Cookman.

All in a week of being the Queen.

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