Beyoncé’s Ivy Park Line Is Relaunching With Adidas

It’s been a journey with Beyonce’s Ivy Park clothing line over the last year. Since its launch, the brand had been sold exclusively at Topshop who had a 50/50 share of the company. But, after news broke about sexual assault allegations against the brand’s President Phillip Green, Beyoncé bought Topshop out of their shares and severed ties.


After months of speculating where Ivy Park would ultimately land, on April 4 we finally got our answer.  In a press release, Adidas announced that Queen Bey would be working with the brand in several different capacities. In the release a spokesperson for Adidas explained, “Beyoncé will be a creative partner for the brand, develop new signature footwear and apparel, as well as re-launch Ivy Park with adidas.”


Unfortunately, there was no news beyond a partnership announcement, leaving us to only dream about what collaboration could possibly mean. So, if you’re listening Beyoncé, here’s our wish list:


Military-inspired unitards: Her iconic military-but-make-it-fashion stage looks are something that absolutely needs to be accessible for everyone.



Hot pants, so many hot pants: If a hot pants moment happens and Beyoncé wasn’t involved, was it real? Coming to a gym near you.



See-through everything: From the naked dress to mesh over an outfit, a see-through moment is a must for this collection.



Latex: Maybe not the most comfortable athletic attire but if Beyoncé can do it, so can you.




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